July 18, 2014


This morning, I made myself oatmeal for breakfast, and a cup of creamy, sweetened tea. I brought my tea and Bible outside and read, enjoying the songbirds and morning sounds - ignoring the whirring highway cars - and basking in the natural beauty around me. So still was I, sitting there with the Book, that a little brown mouse scurried under some fallen tree branches next to me. At first, I was not sure what I had seen, until he peeked out and looked directly up at me! He wriggled away, and then came back some minutes later, before running off to hide under our unused pile of bricks. Mice are the softest, most darling little rodents. I found one once and named him Theodore. I think I will name this little brown mouse Frank. Does not that sound sophisticated? I can almost picture him in a little suit and bow tie, with a top hat, and a scrumptious plate of Swiss cheese. 
    These are simple pleasures. I love them!

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