October 20, 2012

gaining wisdom

My younger niece and both of my nephews have new teeth coming in. During this process, as is expected, they tend to be a little grumpier because of the pain, and their sleeping patterns often change slightly. And I know just what they're experiencing.

My wisdom teeth are coming in. It's not so bad in and of itself, but they aren't straight. While I was at the dentist having my cavities taken care of, they took an x-ray of my whole mouth, which showed that my wisdom teeth are actually curved.
    On the upper-right quarter of my mouth, that far-back tooth has almost completely 'erupted'. It's a little pointy on one side, and is digging just a little into my cheek. I've been stuffing facial tissues back there to give my mouth a rest, and finally the skin in that area is toughening against the attack. The first few days, I didn't think I would survive the pain. Really, it was awful; it gave me headaches, and I could barely open my mouth or chew any food. It's such a relief to be past that stage of the game!

When I finally do have my wisdom teeth removed, we're hoping that they will all have come out enough that the bill will not be quite as... well, substantial. What I'm hoping personally is that I've gained some actual wisdom out of the deal.

October 11, 2012

I'm gonna' wreck it!

I suppose every now and then, everyone has a movie or two they are REALLY looking forward to seeing in theaters. I have a gathering number of them, myself. I'm sure just about everyone has to be excited about the Hobbit, but I have an increasing interest in a film of a completely different variety.

Wreck-It-Ralph is due to come out November 2nd. It's an animation by Disney about an arcade game charaterI've seen two trailers (one of them multiple times), and the more I watch it, the more I anticipate its release.

You can image how excited I was when I logged on to Facebook and saw that Owl City had posted a photo of the movie, along with the link to the song he made for the Wreck-It-Ralph soundtrack! To put it softly, I was ecstatic. I literally had to tell myself, "Calm down, Katherine... Breathe..." and try to regain some (very little) composure.

Nothing I can say can truly spark an interest in you, so I give you the link --- then you can watch the trailer yourself and see why I want November to come quickly!

Wreck-It-Ralph, IMDb
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