July 30, 2012


I had my open house a week ago, Saturday. What a great party! so many beloved friends and family came to celebrate with me! It was a blessed time.

After everyone had gone (expect for my dad's parents, who were helping us with the take-down and cleaning), I was opening the cards I had received, sitting down at our dining room table. while I was paying attention to something else, my mom set down a cardboard box in front of me, and when I turned back, it took me a moment to register exactly what it was.

My parents gave me a new Nikon D3100, the camera I've been dreaming of for the longest time, now! Victor, my little point-and-shoot, has sadly been kind of left in the dust since Bumble came along. why Bumble? My Nikon has a strap that is black with yellow lettering --- like a bumble bee! --- and he/it also takes fabulous photos of bugs of all kinds, at least in comparison to poor old Victor.

I've brought Bumble with me almost everywhere since that moment. I can hardly wait to take some shots of St. Paul and begin practicing with my sisters for portraits!

This is my ham of a niece, Olivia. She doesn't really pose, but she's super photogenic. She loves attention, so she likes to entertain us with her silly faces and nonsense-gabbing. I love her so much!

July 29, 2012

speak of the beast...

I finally finished reading Melanie Dickerson's beautiful rendition of Beauty and the Beast, The Merchant's Daughter! By now I think I've mentioned it on my blog several times, but I can't help myself; it was... oh, how can I sum it all up in one word?... Victorious. Dickerson writes so well, her characters practically come to life from the pages, and the way she tantalizes you that there may not be a happy ending after all... I fall for it every time!
    The very best part of Dickerson's writing is that she always centers it around the Gospel of Christ. Her protagonists are Christians, seeking God more than the desires of their fleshly heart. But they end up receiving what they desire anyway because of their faith in God's will.

Somewhere, somehow, my mom learned that the same author is coming out with another book this December, Fairest Beauty, which is a retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Let's just say I'm REALLY excited about that! I want to own all of Dickerson's works; she's definitely a favorite author!

Now that I'm done with The Merchant's Daughter, I'm going to finish Serendipity Market by Penny Blubaugh, and have several other books moving up on the list.

What are YOU reading?

the phantom

I loved the music in the Phantom of the Opera, but for some reason the movie disappointed me. I know I have a few friends who would be sorely confused by this statement, being huge fans themselves. Let me explain.

Just before the movie was coming to theaters, I watched the trailer online and was honestly enchanted! What made me want to watch it the most was hearing the phantom's fabulous voice. I was intrigued, and I don't know that I had ever been more excited to see any other movie before! But when I did see it, it wasn't what I had expected. I overlooked the minor details which displeased me, but the ENDING! I was more inclined to feel pity towards the phantom than hatred for his misdeeds. (I confess, I'm like that with most villains. I feel just awful because of their blindness and their sad lives.) There was no happily-ever-after in the Phantom of the Opera, and that kind of ruined it for me.

I'm a huge fan of the famous Beauty and the Beast story. I love the redemption, the learning to love; a growing love that is pure and unbreakable. I wanted the phantom to have a second chance, to learn to love, despite all of the hatred from the past clawing at his conscience and reminding him he does not deserve love. The beast is supposed to earn the beauty --- no charming rich boy to get in the way.

The music still dazzles me, however disappointing the storyline was. Emily will play the music on our piano, and we'll sing together with all of our strength, letting the full power of it's magic sink in and settle on our minds. Music is magic.

I've seen the movie again, but my opinion remains unchanged. I suppose another reason I am so passionate about this is because I'm my own kind of beast, and what girl can resist dreaming of her own Prince Charming? Christ has saved me from my beastliness, and I'm looking forward to our happily-ever-after in heaven.

July 25, 2012

cavity . . . part four

I'm done with the fillings.
A week ago Monday, the dentists completed the final quarters of my mouth in one session. It's a relief to have that part over with, but even now, it sometimes hurts to chew. At least the pain from the Novocaine is gone; it lasted for several days!

So, now that this phase is over, we'll be on to pulling wisdom teeth. I'm fine with waiting and enjoying a lack of pain for the time being!

July 10, 2012

doctor dress up

I've been telling several friends my plan to dress up as Doctor Who for Teen Night (an adolescent homeschool party some dear friends of mine have hosted for years now). Well, I decided to go in normal attire after all, but I still wanted to dress up as the Doctor. So I did.

My bangs seemed just about the right length, and I found random articles of clothing and other objects around the house which did just the trick. Besides that, I have my own camera and an tripod. Really, I couldn't resist the temptation, even though it was by then well after midnight!

So, not a perfect replica, all-told, and the flashlight I used didn't actually glow green (I edited that part in), but with the absence of a sonic screwdriver I had to make-do. ;)

I tied a ribbon around my neck and stuffed in the tails to make the bow-tie. (Bow ties are cool.)

My Grandmother gave me the white shirt some time ago, and it's from China! (Has the doctor ever visited China?)

The jacket is my older sister's, and realistically should have been long-sleeved, but you would never know from the photo.

Also, I forgot to take my earrings out. I'm pretty sure Matt Smith doesn't have his ears pierced, but ah-well... Negligible detail.

My sister isn't the only geek in the family! ;)

July 9, 2012

cavity . . . part three

This morning, I had the bottom left side of my mouth drilled and filled. Right now, I'm waiting for the numbness from the Novocaine to wear off and am having a jolly good time trying to read as much as I can of The Merchant's Daughter before I have to return it to the library. (It's due today! Already!)

I'm going to have three more appointments; one for the each of last three quarters of my mouth. (Not looking forward to more Novocaine, but sitting down and reading a lot will be great!) After that, I'll have an appointment arranged to have my wisdom teeth removed (ouch!), and hopefully soon after that, finally get those braces. ;)
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