July 29, 2012

the phantom

I loved the music in the Phantom of the Opera, but for some reason the movie disappointed me. I know I have a few friends who would be sorely confused by this statement, being huge fans themselves. Let me explain.

Just before the movie was coming to theaters, I watched the trailer online and was honestly enchanted! What made me want to watch it the most was hearing the phantom's fabulous voice. I was intrigued, and I don't know that I had ever been more excited to see any other movie before! But when I did see it, it wasn't what I had expected. I overlooked the minor details which displeased me, but the ENDING! I was more inclined to feel pity towards the phantom than hatred for his misdeeds. (I confess, I'm like that with most villains. I feel just awful because of their blindness and their sad lives.) There was no happily-ever-after in the Phantom of the Opera, and that kind of ruined it for me.

I'm a huge fan of the famous Beauty and the Beast story. I love the redemption, the learning to love; a growing love that is pure and unbreakable. I wanted the phantom to have a second chance, to learn to love, despite all of the hatred from the past clawing at his conscience and reminding him he does not deserve love. The beast is supposed to earn the beauty --- no charming rich boy to get in the way.

The music still dazzles me, however disappointing the storyline was. Emily will play the music on our piano, and we'll sing together with all of our strength, letting the full power of it's magic sink in and settle on our minds. Music is magic.

I've seen the movie again, but my opinion remains unchanged. I suppose another reason I am so passionate about this is because I'm my own kind of beast, and what girl can resist dreaming of her own Prince Charming? Christ has saved me from my beastliness, and I'm looking forward to our happily-ever-after in heaven.

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