July 30, 2012


I had my open house a week ago, Saturday. What a great party! so many beloved friends and family came to celebrate with me! It was a blessed time.

After everyone had gone (expect for my dad's parents, who were helping us with the take-down and cleaning), I was opening the cards I had received, sitting down at our dining room table. while I was paying attention to something else, my mom set down a cardboard box in front of me, and when I turned back, it took me a moment to register exactly what it was.

My parents gave me a new Nikon D3100, the camera I've been dreaming of for the longest time, now! Victor, my little point-and-shoot, has sadly been kind of left in the dust since Bumble came along. why Bumble? My Nikon has a strap that is black with yellow lettering --- like a bumble bee! --- and he/it also takes fabulous photos of bugs of all kinds, at least in comparison to poor old Victor.

I've brought Bumble with me almost everywhere since that moment. I can hardly wait to take some shots of St. Paul and begin practicing with my sisters for portraits!

This is my ham of a niece, Olivia. She doesn't really pose, but she's super photogenic. She loves attention, so she likes to entertain us with her silly faces and nonsense-gabbing. I love her so much!

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