July 10, 2012

doctor dress up

I've been telling several friends my plan to dress up as Doctor Who for Teen Night (an adolescent homeschool party some dear friends of mine have hosted for years now). Well, I decided to go in normal attire after all, but I still wanted to dress up as the Doctor. So I did.

My bangs seemed just about the right length, and I found random articles of clothing and other objects around the house which did just the trick. Besides that, I have my own camera and an tripod. Really, I couldn't resist the temptation, even though it was by then well after midnight!

So, not a perfect replica, all-told, and the flashlight I used didn't actually glow green (I edited that part in), but with the absence of a sonic screwdriver I had to make-do. ;)

I tied a ribbon around my neck and stuffed in the tails to make the bow-tie. (Bow ties are cool.)

My Grandmother gave me the white shirt some time ago, and it's from China! (Has the doctor ever visited China?)

The jacket is my older sister's, and realistically should have been long-sleeved, but you would never know from the photo.

Also, I forgot to take my earrings out. I'm pretty sure Matt Smith doesn't have his ears pierced, but ah-well... Negligible detail.

My sister isn't the only geek in the family! ;)


  1. Hahahahaha! I've never seen the show to really get this, but it made me laugh! :)

    1. Well, I'm glad. It's really quite interesting if you set yourself down to it. It has a lot of peculiar aliens in it, and some strange science-fictional concepts --- certainly took me a few episodes to get used to! But it was worth it. ;)


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