July 29, 2012

speak of the beast...

I finally finished reading Melanie Dickerson's beautiful rendition of Beauty and the Beast, The Merchant's Daughter! By now I think I've mentioned it on my blog several times, but I can't help myself; it was... oh, how can I sum it all up in one word?... Victorious. Dickerson writes so well, her characters practically come to life from the pages, and the way she tantalizes you that there may not be a happy ending after all... I fall for it every time!
    The very best part of Dickerson's writing is that she always centers it around the Gospel of Christ. Her protagonists are Christians, seeking God more than the desires of their fleshly heart. But they end up receiving what they desire anyway because of their faith in God's will.

Somewhere, somehow, my mom learned that the same author is coming out with another book this December, Fairest Beauty, which is a retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Let's just say I'm REALLY excited about that! I want to own all of Dickerson's works; she's definitely a favorite author!

Now that I'm done with The Merchant's Daughter, I'm going to finish Serendipity Market by Penny Blubaugh, and have several other books moving up on the list.

What are YOU reading?

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