more about me ... testimony, etc.

It was one cold winter morning when God brought finally plucked me out of my mother's womb --- I, little knowing the joy, the heartache, the adventure He had in store for me. Ten years I lived solidly for myself and mine own pleasure, but it was when at the age of eleven that God at last opened my eyes. I was grieved to know how I had all my life been displeasing my Lord, sinning. I was so sorry, and so scared of the wrath I knew I was in for without Christ's blood bringing about forgiveness for all my transgressions. God saved me that night as I lay in bed, tears of first great sadness, then great joy, drenching my soft pillow.
For another four years after that, I --- attending a perhaps too lenient church which taught the Gospel only in part --- was growing closer to my Savior very slowly. I was growing, but I remember now how remarkably little I knew about living a true Christian life. Then at last, after those four years had come to pass, my family broke away from our old church and began attending a place that has changed my life so greatly that I can hardly remember my life before going there. It was wonderful --- all of it. The teaching, the people, the music... I came to love that place with all my heart!

I have been a shy, unconfident, quiet, but not exactly lonely person all my life. But God used that church to turn my life around. I began to come out of my shell, grew bolder, started speaking up, and grew so attached to all of the people there --- they have all had such an impact on me, that I am certain I shall never forget them, and I love them all so dearly.

I --- probably prompted by being a writer --- love books with a passion. I strive to read the Word of God daily, and really enjoy discovering new and old fiction of various kinds. Childhood favorites include The Wind in the Willows, Stellaluna, the Little Critter books, Blueberries for Sal, Millions of Cats, and more. Funny how those kinds of simple tales are still charming, even when you're almost an adult.
Nowadays, my favorites are confined to Shannon Hale's The Goose Girl and Princess Academy, Jonathan Roger's The Wilderking Trilogy, Donita K. Paul's DragonKeeper series, and almost anything I read cover-to-cover.

Among other things, I have a strong sweet-tooth with is often subdued with a handful of Skittles or a glass of pink lemonade. My favorite color is --- without a doubt --- the brightest, purest, most dazzling blue you can find. I have a thing for antiques and trying to read the oldest English one can get their hands on. I have a passion for dictionaries, and could spend hours upon hours in them, delving into their vast treasure-store. My favorite stores to shop at are WalMart and Maurices, and I truthfully enjoy just window-shopping as well. My favorite foods are centered around Chinese, Italian, and Mexican, but I also like being inventive with breads, meats, cheeses, and condiments.
But despite how greatly I love the things the aforementioned things this world has to offer, I never wish to be so attached to any of it that my relationship with my Lord is harmed. I know He will not leave me and nothing can separate Him from me (Romans 8:38-39), but I do not want to let anything even partially come between us.

I am striving daily to live alone for my Savior --- although, in the flesh, this is a vicious struggle indeed --- but I am in no way lacking in confidence, for I know that though my weakness is great, His power is far greater.

To Him alone be the glory, forever.

Awaiting His return and living every day in Christ alone,