March 29, 2011


Dear Readers,
A very good friend of mine just introduced me to an incredible female singer by the name of Mandisa. Not only does she have a beautiful voice and is beautiful on the outside, but sounds to have a beautiful heart that loves the Lord.
    I just found a YouTube video of her from about two years ago which intrigued me greatly: Click here to watch it.

I absolutely love looking at the lives and hearing the voices of other Christ-followers; It helps encourage me when I fell like I can't handle difficult circumstances anymore by pointing me back to God, who has the best in mind for me, even throughout my struggles (Romans 8:28). Mandisa has a song all about this, called 'He Is With You'. I heard it a moment ago for the first time, and at the end, I just started tearing-up because it was so sweet and beautiful and true!
    Another song of hers I'm listening to presently called 'Voice of a Savior' has a similar message, and also is powerfully beautiful!
I think I might have found another favorite music artist!

~God bless you all!~

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