March 13, 2011

Walks Are More Than Exercise

I finally convinced my sisters to come take a walk with me. What started out as a nice, simple stroll around the block became an adventure of creativity with my beloved camera. WOW! I forgot how much I love experimenting with nature photos, and God gave me the most PERFECT weather!

I kept falling behind my sisters because I was having such a great time kneeling down to get a good view of the snow and gravel. I was in my element.

There were drops of water frozen from a hanging layer of ice.

Reflections are my love. <3

Pawprints in the snow. Classic. ;)

My BEAUTIFUL little sister! =)

Self portrait.

Deffinitely one of my favorites! Look at the water! Agh! I just love God's creation! =)

Old and raggedy they may be, but I love my shoes.

Common items from a regal perspective.

Home sweet home. =)

So THIS is what my shoes look like from my shoes' perspective...

Close ups... I didn't know my camera could do this well. And snow on the shoe? Who would have guessed? I think I'm obsessed with my camera. ;)

God was so detailed when He created this world. WOW!!!

Zowie... we really need to clean our front door window.... ;)

So, there you have it. God's creation captured by the lens of one of my favorite Christmas presents. I hope you liked them because this is very likely only the beginning. I LOVE photography.

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