June 28, 2011

Burning and Sinking

Dear Readers,
To both boost my inspiration for writing, and simply receive pleasure, I have been reading and just last night finished a book by Shannon Hale called 'Enna Burning'. I found much of it agonizingly predictable --- you know, when you know almost everything that is going to happen before it does --- but every once in awhile, the story did take me pleasantly by surprise, and it had the same brilliant, magical flavor of The Goose Girl (also written by Shannon and the book preceding Enna Burning in the series).

The Goose Girl is a favorite of mine; the metaphors and similes and overall beautiful way it is written captivate me as much as the intricate story itself. I have officially read it four times, and my mother sweetly bought it for me some years ago so I can enjoy it as often as I like. Since I loved it so much, I was determined to try the following book, Enna Burning, and see if it was just as enchanting. I must admit, although it was extremely predictable, it was beautiful, and the way Shannon made something as impossible as mentally controlling fire so perfectly believable definitely intrigued me.

I found that while I was reading my Bible yesterday I came across a verse that seemed to fit perfectly with the tale of Enna Burning. It was Proverbs 27:6

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend,
But deceitful are the kisses of an enemy."

(I still am often fascinated and delighted by how the Bible applies to every single part of life!) Although some of the choices the main character made were indeed aggravating, I remembered that I have not made every choice that I know was right --- that I, too, gave in to the temptation that haunted me... more than once.

I believe I owe it to my dear teacher of  Literature Class for giving me the ability to read even secular novels  with a guarded heart (I am very selective and cautious about the kinds of things I let enter my mind) to gain shards of wisdom; to take the mysteries of fiction and learn from them. 
What I learned from Enna Burning is to listen to good advice from others, especially when you are beginning to think that no one else understands how you feel. And I learned that thinking too much about oneself leads to making grave mistakes, but considering others first --- and of course, considering all of the consequences of our choices before making any rash decisions, and then also seeking wise counsel  from others --- is the best way to go about every action. 
Also, I learned that thinking that because you have seen others make mistakes, it means you will not also fall into temptation, is very poor thinking indeed; relying on your own strength and your strength alone is foolish. 
And of course, as a Christian, I have learned that forgetting to look to the Lord for all my needs and instead looking at my weak self in my helpless estate will cause me to sink, as did Peter the moment he looked away from Christ. This is why my favorite song is In Christ Alone, because He is all I need and desire. And why my favorite encouraging devotion by Spurgeon is 'Looking unto Jesus', which is in fact, today's morning devotion!

'Who can say, “I have cleansed my heart, 
I am pure from my sin”?'
Proverbs 20:9

Personally, I think it is precious and beautiful to know that I cannot find even one thing in and of myself to be made whole and complete, but only Christ's love can fill up mine emptiness, and only He can grant me the purity I thirst for. 

May you, also, find Christ to be your All-in-All, and only trust Him.

God bless ♥

June 24, 2011

The Violet Anthology

Dear Readers,
I have just finished posting in my second blog, The Violet Anthology --- a blog I made specifically for my written works. I have as yet posted only two different poems there, but I have much more in store for the future.

However, my main reason for calling your attention to it is because of a poll I posted only moments ago. It is to learn what kinds of books people most often read. There are 14 answers to choose from, and you may select multiple answers. If you will, please go to my second blog now and put in your answer or answers. It ends in early July, so make haste!

God bless! ♥

June 15, 2011

Pure Violet Photography

Dear Readers,
I have decided what I am going to call my photography. Though it is now no more than a hobby, perhaps some day it will be the name of a business owned and operated by the writer whose work you are looking over presently. But at least for the time being, it shall remain the title with which I claim my photography as my own, by way of finding a place for the words directly on each individual photo.

These are some baby chicks that my brother purchased for his family (plus a pair of little ducklings!)
My niece is overjoyed about these little creatures!

I saw a little girl at the gas station who was wearing the cutest little outfit; 
a fancy suit-coat and a fedora to match!

 This is a doll's dress which my sister, Emily designed all by herself with some scraps of fabric from around the house. She wanted me to take some pictures of it so that she could post them on Facebook, and I decided to share how it looks on my blog. (Please click her name to visit her new blog, Creative Journey)

God bless! ♥

"Your word is very pure,
Therefore Your servant loves it."
Psalm 119:140

More Than Content

Dear Readers,
There are few pleasures in which I partake that so thoroughly delight me as discussing the Truth of God's Word with fellow Christians. Mrs. White, one of the dearest persons in the world to me, invited me to join a Bible study which her two youngest sons (aforementioned in a previous entry, and referred to as the 'White Boys' or 'White Brothers') attend. I cannot express in any words the thrilling joy that washed through and over me in that blessed moment.

I studied hard, transfixed by the depth of what we would be discussing. It was the end of a book that taught how we, as Christians, should best witness to people of other religions. I could not prepare myself for the incredible experience I was in for that night. I found I had already been acquainted with everyone in the group, and was amazed by all of the insightful things they had to say.

This past Tuesday (yesterday) was my second week in the Bible study, and the group has now embarked on a journey through the book of Romans (my favorite book of the Bible!) using an online study guide with sheets of questions to print out and work on at home throughout the week, then discuss together the following Tuesday. If my first week was incredible, then there are certainly no words able to describe this! Except, perhaps... EXTRAORDINARY! 

I am looking forward to more discussions in the future with utmost anticipation and unquestionable excitement!

God bless! ♥

"Your word is very pure
Therefore Your servant loves it."
Psalm 119:140

June 7, 2011

Easter Photos ... At Last!

 Dear Reader,
At last I have finished editing all of the photos from Easter Sunday! I can hardly believe how long it took me, but then I remember... there's a lot more to life than just writing, photography, and blogging about them. In any case, I sincerely hope you enjoy them all! =)

♥ God Bless! ♥
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