June 15, 2011

More Than Content

Dear Readers,
There are few pleasures in which I partake that so thoroughly delight me as discussing the Truth of God's Word with fellow Christians. Mrs. White, one of the dearest persons in the world to me, invited me to join a Bible study which her two youngest sons (aforementioned in a previous entry, and referred to as the 'White Boys' or 'White Brothers') attend. I cannot express in any words the thrilling joy that washed through and over me in that blessed moment.

I studied hard, transfixed by the depth of what we would be discussing. It was the end of a book that taught how we, as Christians, should best witness to people of other religions. I could not prepare myself for the incredible experience I was in for that night. I found I had already been acquainted with everyone in the group, and was amazed by all of the insightful things they had to say.

This past Tuesday (yesterday) was my second week in the Bible study, and the group has now embarked on a journey through the book of Romans (my favorite book of the Bible!) using an online study guide with sheets of questions to print out and work on at home throughout the week, then discuss together the following Tuesday. If my first week was incredible, then there are certainly no words able to describe this! Except, perhaps... EXTRAORDINARY! 

I am looking forward to more discussions in the future with utmost anticipation and unquestionable excitement!

God bless! ♥

"Your word is very pure
Therefore Your servant loves it."
Psalm 119:140

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