June 15, 2011

Pure Violet Photography

Dear Readers,
I have decided what I am going to call my photography. Though it is now no more than a hobby, perhaps some day it will be the name of a business owned and operated by the writer whose work you are looking over presently. But at least for the time being, it shall remain the title with which I claim my photography as my own, by way of finding a place for the words directly on each individual photo.

These are some baby chicks that my brother purchased for his family (plus a pair of little ducklings!)
My niece is overjoyed about these little creatures!

I saw a little girl at the gas station who was wearing the cutest little outfit; 
a fancy suit-coat and a fedora to match!

 This is a doll's dress which my sister, Emily designed all by herself with some scraps of fabric from around the house. She wanted me to take some pictures of it so that she could post them on Facebook, and I decided to share how it looks on my blog. (Please click her name to visit her new blog, Creative Journey)

God bless! ♥

"Your word is very pure,
Therefore Your servant loves it."
Psalm 119:140

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