March 29, 2011

Lily-White Purity

Dear Readers,

I was reading once again in Leslie Ludy's book, Set-Apart Femininity, and I came across more quotes that I just HAD to share!

"Are we willing to lay down everything else and take up His set-apart commission?
    God's sacred intent for us goes far beyond just ... idolizing Christian bands instead of secular ones. It is not just making sure we tack on some Christian morality to our self-indulgent lives.
    His sacred intent for you and for me is nothing short of absolute abandonment to Jesus Christ, entire separation from the pollution of the world, and ardent worship of our King with ever breath we take.
    Yes, it's a huge vision - one that is contrary to everything our culture presents. In our modern world, we as young women seem to be presented with only two options for our femininity - we can either embrace the ... version of womanhood glorified by pop culture, or we can go the opposite direction and trade in perfume and makeup for grit, grunge, and guy-like behavior.
    But both of these options cause us to completely miss out on the glorious pattern God designed for our femininity. We were created to shine with heavenly beauty, to radiate with Christlike feminine loveliness, and to sparkle with the lily-white purity of our Prince. We were created to be set apart for Him.
    As you read this book, you will likely hear plenty of voices in the background screaming that it is impossible to achieve this set-apart standard. But the good news is - you don't have to achieve it on your own. As Oswald Chambers says,

When we deliberately choose to obey God, He will tax the remotest star and the last grain of sand to assist us with all His almighty power.

    Whatever your version of femininity has been up to this moment - God desires to offer you hope and a glorious future. Jesus Christ can take a life that has been bruised, rejected, or squandered and make it completely new. He can empower a weak and helpless life to rise up and conquer. No matter where you've been or what you've done or how far from Him you feel right now - He can transform you into a radiant, victorious, world-changing, set-apart young woman.
    No matter how worthless or ugly you feel, He longs to shape you into His stunning princess. It starts with one simple step of obedience - one simple decision to answer the sacred call He has upon your matter what the cost."
{End of quote}

So... Now I've at last made it to the end of the first chapter! I'm so thrilled with Miss Ludy's writing; the message she gives is straightforward, hard to hear because it's so blunt, but perfectly wonderful and full of truth! It's been a long time since I've read faith-encouraging literature quite like this... and never have I experienced this kind of devotion to not only to purity, but to Christ Himself. The combination is what I love to call 'quickening'. (One of my FAVORITE words!) Presently, I feel quickened, encouraged, and full of joy; my prayer shall be that God's Spirit will grant you the same.

God bless you all! ♥

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