April 11, 2011

Light and Magic

Dear Readers,
I apologize for the lengthy gap between my last entry and this one. Fortunately, I have been busy at work these past few weeks taking numerous new photos which I hope you will like! I have discovered some new techniques for taking better - more creative - shots, and again, these photos have been edited to enhance and enliven their quality and character. Enjoy!

 This is my precious new niece, Olivia. Is she not one of the most beautiful things this world has ever seen?! All snuggled up in her pretty pink blanket and cooing in her dreamy sleep. I can hardly wait until she can talk!

 It's a good thing I like cats, or this one would have been in super big trouble for drinking my milk... ;)

 I was putting away some clean dishes when I discovered the most fascinating effect in a glass as I looked through it. I wondered if I could capture of photo of it; I tried, and it worked. I... was... thrilled.

One day, every photographer will be using these! 

 I just recently discovered that a clear blue sky plus a pond of water makes one of THE coolest nature shots!

Oh, and a sunset? I was almost hysterical with excitement. 

 Oh, guess what? I finally discovered some unique ways of taking photos of myself so that I don't have to bother my little - that is, not so little but younger - sister anymore... I used the strap on my camera to tie it around the garden fence outside, set the camera on timer, and posed. Flash! And behold, my photo appeared.

This one was a little trickier. I used the camera strap to tie it to a fake steering wheel on the playground set in our backyard. It kept turning, so I had to find some way to make it stay still so that the camera didn't tip too far any direction. It took a few minutes, but it was worth the learning experience. =) 

This one was really easy. There are two decks on the playground, so I just set it on the second deck on self-timer and posed. 

 I think this photo must have been the most difficult of them all! The weird expression on my face and the awkward posture I'm in were entirely unintentional...

 ...I squeezed my camera strap into this crack...

 ...I set my camera half on the stump and half on the stick so that it would be straight and steady...

... and I RAN over to the tree and tried to get into position in time before the camera flashed. I just barely made it the four times I tried! 

 I've always liked barns. I walked into this one without my camera, and I couldn't take another step further until I staggered out and grabbed it.

 I thought this coloring would give these photos a nice antique look... it was really quite colorful in real life!

 A creaky staircase to the upper level.

And the upper level itself! I'm pretty sure I was gaping for a few seconds when I came up the stairs!

 I don't usually take photos of lamps because they're so common and plain, but this one was special...

 Emily and I had a long discussion about how I should edit this photo; I was looking for the secret beauty while she wanted the utmost vibrancy; this was the compromise. ;)

I didn't really want to post a picture of something some people might think was just plain creepy, but I felt there was a secret charm about this photo with the vibrant coloring and lazy structure, and I couldn't bear to leave it out! It might actually be my favorite!

 When I saw the silo, I thought of a farm; when I saw the weeds, I thought of Rapunzel...

 I was really disappointed with the quality of this photo; I did not intend for the sunlight to cascade over so much of my hairy head, but I couldn't take many other photos because Joe the cat was growing restless of my holding him with one arm... ;)

 This is my darling princess Pumpkin. She's been ours for... wow, almost ten years, now! She's timid, plump, and the very definition of a 'scaredy-cat', but precious nonetheless. Also, she looks a lot like her mother!

 The pictures below are from another walk - only this time with just my parents and me. We were passing by some houses in out neighborhood when I spotted this corn in the gravel off to the side of the road. So, naturally, I had to take a picture.

One final photo trick... I tied my camera to a tree by its strap, set the self-timer, and posed. I look a little bored or perhaps slightly tired, but really I think it was just the brightness of the sky. Sadly, there was a hose in the background which I had failed to notice beforehand.

Lastly, I was taking some photos up in a tree, and my hair caught in the branch next to my head. I thought it would be minutely humorous to capture a photo of myself staring at it, and had no idea until I started editing it that my facial expression was remotely like that of Megamind when he's trying to have Minion cut the music, (after Megamind's victory dance for defeating Metro Man).

I hope that you enjoyed viewing my latest photos; there will surely be more in the not-very-distant future! Ah, it's good to be back on my blog... ;)

God bless you all! <3

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