December 23, 2011


My room is a splashing hurricane of color --- a kaleidoscope of God's glorious rainbow --- the color wheel of wonder that would be much-envied in my childhood. I have mixed, hardly matched, and am still slowly-but-surely adding to this magnificent little square space I affectionately call 'bedroom'.

I found my dream bedspread on sale at WalMart --- four different shades of blue and green circles on one side, neon green on the other. It most delightfully contrasts the overwhelming pink on my walls and in my wardrobe.

My darling Princess Pumpkin (also referred to as Plumpkin, Flumpy-dunk, or 'our fat cat') loves to share my bed in the daytime while I read. I really don't think that she cares a cat's whisker about what colors my room consists of, but she seems to really like it in there.

If I had had mine own way, my whole room would be cool colors, particularly blue. But as it was, I selected five visually-satiable colors that matched some already-made curtains mom had intended for the room practically since we moved in: desert gold, pale tan, disco and princess pinks, and lavender. The colors have become a little (as mentioned above) overwhelming, so I've been calming it down with blues and greens. Emily even painted my closet trim blue for me. Now, as it turns out, the curtains cannot be found, and so my mom says I can get new ones. Now I can have even more blue in my room!

I would actually love to paint my walls a dark grey to contrast the crayon-box colors of everything else in the room. I've learned so many incredible craft ideas from Pinterest that I can't wait to get started on, and all of these will also add some pizazz to my room. {click the provided link to check out my ideas!}

Once I get around to it, I'm going to crochet myself a rug to cover up the matted-down grey carpet. (There's only one book I have found so far in all of my local library that has a rug pattern. Wow.) And guess what color it's going to be? That's right, blue.

There's also the dream of getting the trim up, the new white door, buying new carpet, and locating a cheap but still eye-pleasing desk lamp. Before any of those can come, however, I shall make myself thoroughly content. 

My room has never looked this good, this ME. ;)

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