September 9, 2014

on enemy soil... to arms!

Sometimes, so many good things fall into place in your life, and suddenly, worshiping the Lord becomes easy, joy-giving, everything you could ever hope for as a Christian! And then just as suddenly, you stumble.

    You think, "How did that happen? I thought being in the Lord made me invincible!" Obviously, you had slipped into complacency; begun relying again on your own strength.

    We are on enemy soil. We must beware of taking off our armour in the middle of the war. Is sounds nonsensical - of course you would never leave yourself so open and defenseless for any attack! But we do. When life grows easy, messing with the buckles on our breastplates does not seem quite as necessary.

    Yes, we must beware of becoming too comfortable when life is all sunshine, for a downpour of heavy rain may soon come and make our feet slide off the path of righteousness. We must not be caught unawares!

    When you don your armour daily, remember your Captain and your Shield, your strong Rock and Anchor among tempests. Do not stray from His side, and the devil's darts and floods and other schemes will not reach you.

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