September 22, 2012


I'm beginning to feel it... to smell it... hear it... see it...

It's almost autumn, and what I believe to be the most desperately beautiful time of all year! Those fiery trees, the chilled earthen breezes, climbing up some large oak of sorts and enjoying the lack of bugs, and magical sunsets which take my breath away --- each of these things define autumn for me.

I'm already bundling up against the cold, crisp air. I'm looking forward to fresh apples from the orchard (a family tradition), a walk around the lake, and visits to the country where colors thrive.

It will be hot chocolate season again, which I have been craving ever since early summer, when my mom bought me those tantalizing boxes of white chocolate mixes. I've been drinking a  lot of tea, too, because I have a cold --- a mug of any hot drink feels great in one's hands!

I never feel more inspired to write than when the seasons change (especially around autumn). The world seems to be bursting with the desire to reveal wonderful secrets about its design and Designer --- and yet it is silent, as if asking me to fill in the blanks of the words it cannot speak on its own.
    And my stories are easier to sketch-out when autumn begins to appear. Everything just feels magical. I almost can't help myself from writing --- yeah, I crave it, like any true writer does. *wink!*


  1. I'm right there with you--autumn, hands down, is my favorite season.

    1. So glad to know that you agree! <3


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