March 9, 2012

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber.

I've heard about fanatics who would do anything for a ticket to one of his shows, and cry along to his music. (These are always very young girls, as far as I can tell.) And yet I've also heard of people (mostly boys, you'll notice) who absolutely hate him. What are their reasons? What's the deal with Justin?

(Personally, I think he's talented, although I am not particularly fond of his music; and I also do not hate him.)

Now, let's talk about fanatics. As my mom pointed out when I was discussing this subject with her, it is wrong for a person to idolize anything above the One God. (Exodus 20:3). It's sin, and I see it in Bieber fans. Yes, he is talented, but it's wrong to put him up on a pedestal. It's just music. He's just human. And, for goodness sake, he already has a girlfriend! If anyone is going to fill your heart and thoughts, ladies, let it be Christ. Whatever your do, don't waste the time God has given you simply daydreaming.

What about the people who hate Just Bieber? I can't say exactly what's on their minds or in their hearts, but it's obvious from how they react to the mere mention of the musician's name what they think of him. Hate is a strong word. A little too strong. Hate, according to God's Word, is on the same level as murder (1 John 3:15). I don't care what those people's reasons are for hating Justin Bieber --- it's wrong. I realize Justin is probably not the best role model, but to those who dislike him, please don't make him out to seem more wicked than anyone else; sin is sin, and we've all committed it, so let's not put others down for falling short of God's glory when we have done the same.

Whatever side your on, ask Christ to take control of your mind and help you make it to the middle-ground --- neither obsessive nor hateful. (And I mean all celebrities, now, not only Justin Bieber.)

And to those who already are in the middle-ground, kind of like me, keep praying for this boy. A worldly life is not a happy one --- we Christian's have learned and know that true happiness and joy are found in Christ alone.

Let's try to share it!

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