March 24, 2012

left behind ... a strange sunday

Last Sunday, my family was going to my grandparents' house in Wisconsin to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the relatives. We took two separate cars to church, and after my mom and sisters left when the service was well over, dad and I stayed back a little while longer to talk to some of our friends. Suddenly I looked around and realized dad wasn't there. I stepped outside, looking for his car in the parking lot.
    It wasn't there either.

At this point, I was so grateful mom had left behind her phone so that we could keep in contact. I called Lilly (my older sister) on her cell, but she didn't answer, so I left her a message explaining my predicament. After hearing what happened, three different sweet people offered me a ride, and finally, after Lilly called me back, I arranged a ride to a friend's house which was nearest where my grandparents live, and my mom would pick me up from there.

It was a fun ride. We joked that I would have something to hold over my parents' head after today. Honestly, I was a little unnerved to be left behind, but I knew right away that my dad had thought I must have gone with my mom. It was definitely relieving to finally be reunited with my family.

The rest of the day was filled with delicious food, pleasant conversation, incredible weather, plenty of laughter, and a little bit of photography. The Lord certainly provided for me so that even though it was a strange Sunday, it was a good one in the end.

    I just hope it doesn't happen again. ;)

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