April 4, 2012

on to chapter three

I finally did it.
Late on the night before last, I finally met my writing goal of finishing chapter two of my novel! I was able to end it in a way that fully satisfied me; it wasn't a cliffhanger, but I think it'll be the sort of thing that makes the reader want to keep going, because it promises something important in the near future.

So, now I can finally let my dad read my story; I promised him I would let him as soon as a certain chunk of editing was done, and now it is. =)

I've been writing drafts of this idea for almost seven years, now. I started it in early/mid July 2005, when I was eleven. It was based off of a dream I had one night, and the dream based off of a game I used to play all the time. I used my grandma's typewriter to get the gust of the dream down on paper. A year later, I threw that draft away because it embarrassed me with it's childish simplicity (that is, a complete lack of necessary details) and it's speediness in causing things to happen in a ridiculously short amount of time. (Pretty much, the story was about three or four pages long, and involved one day's worth of life for the characters therein.) I'm re-writing that specific draft partly as an exercise and partly because I don't want to lose that memory of how this story began.

Dragons. It's all about dragons. But it's not going to be like any other dragon book I have ever read, because it's me; it's filled with characters derived from my own imagination and disposition, with places I've dreamed about my whole life, and with words that have been on my tongue for years, just waiting to be knitted together and expressed to the world. The story is made up of pieces of myself; of memories, desires, and of course, that driving force to remind the world what really matters through fictional characters who one can grow to love.

A lot of days, I don't do as much writing to my story as I would like to, but day-by-day, the simplest things from any area of life inspire me --- just a couple days ago, I came up with one of the most important ideas for my story that explains one part of the adventure that didn't absolutely make sense before. Even if I'm spending more time taking notes about what I plan on doing than actually pursuing the end of the fairy tale, I'm on a roll!

So, on to chapter three!


  1. How exciting! Way to go, girl! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to come up with an idea that COMPLETELY fills in that irritating plot-hole?
    Notes are a good thing too. Right now I am up to my eyeballs in my research for my WIP novel.

    I'd love to hear more about your "dragon" story sometime! Let me know if you ever wanna talk writing or characters with me. ;-)

    1. Definitely... And it's always great when the ideas come without having to ask!
      Usually, my research mainly consists of bits and pieces of things I learn during my regular school, or life in general --- and of course, books are fantastic informants, but the internet is conveniently faster. ;)

      Of course, I always enjoy novel-talking; thank you for the offer! =)

      God bless,
      Katie, the Purity Girl


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