April 13, 2012

photo security

So, we lose Picnik.com in six days. Anyone who has ever used it is obviously sad about this, but I have good news: I received an email from Picnik, suggesting a few other photo-editing sites --- I just tried PicMonkey, and the techniques are very like Picnik's, and therefore quite user-friednly. It is also free, and I think I'll be returning there again, soon. =)
    Another site is called Aviary, which seems to be an application for cellular phones. Now, I don't have one of my own, so it's difficult to give a report on the app, but it looks like another great option. (Maybe my sister will let me give it a spin on her phone!)
    Hope this is helpful!


  1. oh i'm glad they're good because i was a bit sad. :)

    1. Same here, Emii. =)

      God bless!
      Katie, the Purity Girl


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