April 1, 2012

April transition

My family is going nuts right now in our house; we're finally going to be putting up the last three new doors in the hallway (which includes mine!), preparing to put new carpet on our stairs, seeking the best new counter-top for our kitchen, and preparing to put up the rest of the trim on the upper-level. It's exciting, and yet also a little intimidating --- there's so much to do, and we want it to all be done within the next thirty days! What a time frame, right?

And speaking of time frames, that reminds me... I set myself a deadline for my novel. Well, sort of. I want to have the second chapter completed by tomorrow. Yeah, I'm close, but I want to have at least a couple more pages worth written, and that takes time. And a lot of it. I want my dad to be able to read my novel soon because I promised him that when I was done with this chunk of editing and writing, he could read it. So, I'll be cracking down on that shortly.

Have I ever mentioned that I love my church? I spend most of my time with two girls (sisters) in particular, April and Robin, who are both so sweet. We have many interests in common, and of course it's just wonderful to talk to people who share the Faith!
    I always love it when our pastor is saying so many wonderful things that my little pen can barely keep up. When I look back, I know which sermons were the best by seeing how messy my handwriting was! Well, this morning was like that. =)
    My mom, sisters, and I all joined our church choir, and we're going to be singing five lovely songs this Easter. I'm humbled by all of the beautiful voices that stand beside me, and at the same time, delighted to listen.

I tried something new today.
My sister, Lilly, had made a batch of macaroni and cheese for lunch, and when she finished her part, I decided to help her get rid of the last little serving. I had already started cooking a bowlful of tomato soup, and so, simply for the sake of experiment, I put a little macaroni on a spoon and dipped it in the soup. It was quite toothsome, and so I put the macaroni on a plate and drizzled over some of the tomato soup. Lilly was appalled, but my mom confirmed my theory that cheese and tomato go well together. It was kind of like Spaghetti-O's, but on an entirely new level of delicious flavor. What a pleasant discovery!
    Unrelated to this, I'm in the mood to learn how to cook more things. Pizza, check. Toast, check. Oatmeal, also check. The most difficult recipe I've ever conquered on my own was a hash-brown casserole I made last summer. I need to spice things up a bit and try something unfamiliar --- let's talk Pinterest.
    I've been collecting interesting, mouth-watering pictures of recipes, and yet bringing none of them into reality. That's a crime of the tongue. The two recipes I'm most interested in attempting presently are 'Tastes Like Lasagna Soup' and 'Pull-Apart Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Bread'. Dinner plus dessert --- yes, please!
Who else loved The Hunger Games movie that just came out? My younger sister, Emily, is nuts about it --- she's already seen the movie twice in the theater, she's been braiding her hair to the side every day for over a week, and she won't take off the mockingjay pin replica that her friend gave her as an early birthday gift.
    Me? I really, really like the Hunger Games, and probably a lot more than I'm willing to admit because I don't want to seem totally fanatical about it. But it was a great movie --- far better than I expected, and I love all of the characters. (Well, mostly Ceasar Flickerman because he's totally full of himself and wears an all-blue sparkly suit with blue hair.) Anyway, I laughed and cried during the movie, and am psyched up for reading the books!
    Alright, for those of you who weren't that big on The Hunger Games, I'm also excited to go see The Hobbit this December. I've read the book and really enjoyed it, and I also just LOVE The Lord of the Rings movies which precede The Hobbit, although I have yet to read the books for those.

Well, that's the gist of my week. Thank you for reading this, and please do have a blessed Palm Sunday, everyone!

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