June 28, 2012


I thought I was doing a good job brushing those teeth far back in my mouth, but I guess not.

Here's what happened:
A few days ago, I was brushing my teeth in the morning (I've made a habit of doing that), and I noticed a little pain in the gums around the tooth furthest back in my mouth on the right side. At first, I had been thinking it was just from brushing too vigorously, but when the pain didn't go away a day or two later, I finally decided to take a better look. I grabbed a flashlight and looked way back to find a little black spot on my tooth . . . okay, so it's not all that little, but I know it could be worse.

Immediately after this discovery, I started freaking out and began thinking I was going to need my tooth pulled out, or that somehow I would get blood poisoning if I didn't have the cavity taken care of soon enough. Yeah, I do that. It's the curse of having a vast imagination --- great for writing, awful for teeth, or interpreting the creaks in your house when you're home alone.

But anyway, I'm going to the dentist today to have it taken care of. My mom assured me that they'll just drill out the cavity and fill in the hole, which to me sounds much better than losing my whole tooth. Besides, I've had cavities before, so it's not a scary first-time.

I've been praying about this appointment a lot because I'm still nervous. And I had been having a pride issue with my teeth, believe it or not, because I thought I was doing so much better of a job of keeping my teeth clean than others around me. I apologized to God for having this awful perspective, and He's certainly shown me through this ordeal that it's time to humble myself. It's amazing how deceptive pride is. My pastor had just been preaching on it last Sunday. I know I have plenty issues with pride, but I hardly ever think of specific ones when the subject is brought to my attention. Now, I have one --- of all things! --- my teeth.

If you want to pray for me about this --- my pride as well as my appointment this afternoon --- I would greatly appreciate it. =)


  1. I prayed! Hope everything went well. :) Yeah, I don't exactly like going to the dentist, though. ;)

    1. Everything did go well, thank you, and thanks for your prayers! Here's an update, if you want to read it: http://thirstforpurity.blogspot.com/2012/06/cavity-part-two.html

      God bless!
      Katie, the Purity Girl


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