June 29, 2012

cavity . . . part two

Thank you to Hannah for praying specifically for me yesterday; I really appreciate it!

    So, here's what happened:
    It wasn't what I expected. Basically, the dentists just took a few x-ray shots of my teeth (including a panorama x-ray to learn about my wisdom teeth), and evaluated the problem. Nay, I should say 'problems'. I have way more than one cavity, I found out, and several areas between my teeth where the enamel is being attacked by little but effective spots of the beginnings of decay.
    Yeah, I'm in trouble.
    They told me that for now, I just need to clean and floss, clean and floss, and really get-at those areas of decay so they become dormant and can't do anymore harm (that is, become cavities which require removal and filling). I'm going in to the dentist again this next Tuesday for an official cleaning, and then later that same week again to have my cavities drilled out and filled. Then, I'll be going to another oral place to have my wisdom teeth removed. And then, after all that, we'll be heading to the orthodontist; they're the reason I spotted my bad tooth in the first place, and caught these others issues before they could grow any worse. My teeth are a little crowded, so I have a bottom level cuspid (canine tooth) that's coming forward, in front of my upper teeth, and now some other teeth are going a bit wonky. I'm hoping and praying that all of these individual trials with my teeth will be over soon!

The dentist gave me these special bottles of tooth paste to help strengthen my enamel, and though I'm not used to the flavor, I kind of like it. It makes me feel extra clean.
    My mom wants me to start carrying my new and special tooth paste plus a brush and floss with me everywhere I go now so that I can clean my teeth immediately after eating. We don't want anymore cavities that need more work, more time, and more money to take care of.
    I've been learning the importance of keeping my teeth clean the hard way. But rest assured, the shock of how bad the problem is has inspired me to do a better job than ever!
    I'm not looking forward to any pain, Novocaine, anesthesia, blood, metal wires connecting my teeth, not being able to bite into an apple, or not having as much sugar as I would so ardently enjoy, but it will be worth it in the end. And won't I be so happy to finally have it all over with!

Let my example encourage (and warn) every one of you --- KEEP YOUR TEETH CLEAN!

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