January 4, 2013

writer's block

Every writer experiences it once in a while, but it's different now. I always have plenty to say, so much to tell, to talk about, but here on my blog, I have such high expectations for myself, and I expect others to have the same high expectations.

I'm terrified of being boring, of no one wanting to know what I think or have to say. I'm afraid of being... monotonous. And dull. I'm not one of those confident bloggers with over a hundred steady followers. I don't write anything witty or of importance. My true skill set doesn't lie so much with talking to people; I can invent conversations for my stories, I can even have dandy little conversations with myself, but not with others; I get clammed-up and run clean out of words. Know how that feels? I feel like I need to scramble for a subject, for something I think somebody out there in cyber space might be interested in. Sometimes I feel like I'll never have any booming popularity unless and until I either get a boyfriend or meet some famous person. ;)

I know what I have to start asking myself is what I really want to accomplish from this blog, especially for this next year. When I first started this blog, I think that I just wanted to 'lubricate' my mind for novel writing. Maybe I'll leave it at that. At the moment, I'm not really sure if I want more than that. What do people normally want from their blogs?

I'll guess we'll all just have to wait and see what happens... even me.

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