May 1, 2013

little is much

God's been showing me the weakness of my heart, how I worship Him in deed only, not out of true love. I WANT to love Him, but even wanting isn't enough.

In Luke 21:1-4, we learn about the woman who gave two meager coins to the temple - all that she had in the world - but her worship was truer than that of those who gave generously from abundant riches.

It's a perfect example of how deeds really accomplish NOTHING to please God. Kneeling down to pray means NOTHING unless your very spirit is kneeling before God's throne in humility.

Anyway, this is on my mind and heart. I want to serve God fully, all hours of the day, sacrificing whatever He asks of me; having no idols above Him to tear my time with Him away, to waste on the fleeting world.

Help me to be pure, O Lord.

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