May 9, 2013

the first time once again

In a world of convenience such as the one Americans live in today, it's easy to forget the value of having the Bible on hand at any moment - on the smart phone, the internet, paper, fill in the blank.

Just this morning, the first thing I did was... well, sleep-in later than I should have. Then I read a short devotional, took a shower, wrote for a little while, and had breakfast with my sisters while they finished watching the Lorax.

Around that time, my mom called our attention and started to show us a video. At first, all I could see was a blur of a group of people, walking and talking excitedly but I had no idea what about. Mom explained that they were Chinese Christians receiving Bibles for the first time.

I can honestly say that for a moment, my heart stopped. Everything else in the world lost its value while I realized the joy these people were experiencing over the Book I have had the chance to read every single day of my entire life.

Christians don't have this freedom in China.

I felt ashamed watching that video, knowing that I had already lost my love for God's Word, and hadn't even opened it once this morning. It should be my life and breath, my bread and water, my very sustenance!

It breaks my heart that it's so easy to fall away, so easy to lose value for the most important things, even God's very WORD!

If you haven't seen the video, please watch it, and pray for such people who do not have Bibles, or fellowship, or who are persecuted for their faith, for those who have never even heard of Christ before - and while you're at it, please pray with me for the people around us who need to be reminded of the true value of the Gospel. (While you watch the video, please notice the title doesn't say 'Chinese Christians receive Bible for the first time', but they are actually SEEING it for the first time! Just imagine that!) I'm thanking the Lord right now for His mercy and love.

Let's all read our Bibles like it's the first time.

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