May 10, 2011

Fairytale in the Making

Dear Reader,
Great News! I've been working hard on my novel today, and it's already on a great head start! I may even be able to post the first chapter as early as tomorrow! The title is still giving me grief; I've had it one way for awhile now, then thought maybe it should be just a little different, and now I think I've come back to the same title again. It's kind of fitting. I just hope that people will be able to pronounce it. ;)
    It's really hard for me to get my thoughts out sometimes, but this is one of the seasons where words are practically flowing out of my head. It's awesome! The weather's awesome, summer is almost here --- which means school will be over SOON --- and there's a whole bunch of imagination pent up inside of me, bursting to get out!
   Please pray for me to pound this story writing; a finished novel has actually been years in the making, and I'm ready --- as well as my VERY encouraging family --- to have this blessed fairytale completed at last!

Thank you all! God bless!


  1. Wow Katie! Your blog is wonderful... I love it!(;


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