July 25, 2011

My Little Princess

Dear Readers,
My mom and I were stopping by my brother's house, and my niece, Lulu, came out to play with me. She showed me their baby chicks, and then rubbed the scented hand sanitizer I offered into her hands with delight. She dug through some drawers in the garage and found a black garbage bag. {Oh, how wonderful to be a child and use the simplest everyday objects to fuel one's imagination!}

 She put her arms through the handles of the bag and ran around, a Little Princess in a Cape. 

I chased her around the front yard, snapping pictures on my camera when I could manage. One minute, she was a princess, the next minute, she turned around and told me sternly that she was a witch and then put a spell on me. 
"OH NO!" I cried, and fell to the ground, shaking, and then going still.
Lulu came up close, and I suddenly reached up to tickle her, and off we went again, chasing and tickling and taking pictures.

 {I love my Little Princess!}

God bless!

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