July 21, 2011

Random Rhyme

Dear Readers,
This is a poem I had written on September 4, 2009 --- a Friday. (It is one of the poems I had posted on my now officially deleted Violet Anthology blog.) I believe that, at the time when I first wrote it, I was simply practicing my cursive handwriting, as I had forgotten exactly how since childhood and needed --- or rather, sincerely desired --- to relearn it. I did put some time into it regardless of the focus on making flourishes with my pen, however, and I truly hope you will enjoy it.  =D

The dragon's strength
the goblin's gold
The witch's wrath
the yeti's cold

The wizard's might
the page's tale
The fairies' light
the old hag's kale

The master's scrolls
the Father's will
The king's mettle
the demon's kill

The west wind's breath
the sailor's drink
The fall-leaves' dance
the young skunk's stink

The lady's dress
the young man's stare
The destined path
the mother's care

The kitten's meow
the finger's twitch
The werewolf's howl
the victim's stitch

The heron's walk
the castle's thief
The panther's stalk
the widow's grief

The lion's bite
the prince's wealth
The pauper's plight
the tiger's stealth

The face of death
holds terror's sting;
The face of life is
a true blessing

God bless! ♥

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