July 22, 2011

The Legend and the Myth

Dear Readers,
The following poem was inspired by a game I once played as a child and still enjoy occasionally. I centered the poem as the gist of the novel I am writing presently. It (being the poem) was written on May 1, 2009 and many of the details it carries no longer are akin to that of my novel since the latter has undergone vast change over time, but I find the poem still has that delicious essence of mystery and adventure that I have always loved to read and write. And so I share it with you now to give a taste of what my slow-coming novel is going to become:

"A pattern made by magic has
    been woven in the arch
The fiercest swamp-gnorc warriors
    to dragon lands they march

No fear is in the little one
    who guards friends in the grove
Who fights for dragon freedom and
    is ever on the move

He always is protecting those
    is his homeland and world
From the evil one who always lusts
    for all power to hold

This honest legend will not rest
    until his friends are safe,
And may not live to see that day
    if takes he, the dead one's place

The mem'ry of the Elder blue
    who heard the phroph'sy told
Lives to see the day when myth
    from childhood's day unfolds

The white dragon returns to join
    our legend in the war
To save the creatures of the land
    Where good will surely score

It will not be easy to keep
    the dragons from the grip
Of cruel one who see fortune by
    killing with sword and whip

If rescue dragons our legends will
    more courage it will take
For if they wish all to survive
    their own lives are at stake

With thunderstorms and crows --- all bad
    --- the Gnasty one will kill
By using potions and magic ways
    he'll surely get his fill

The treasure yet unseen by any
    living souls here known
Will be sought out by our legends
    to avoid Gnasty's controll

While the white myth learns from fairies' Sage
    the Gnorc will then prepare
His evil plans for dark revenge
    and of loot get his share

Perhaps the one who came from earth
    with come 'long just in time
To meet up with our Gnasty Gnorc
    and fulfill history's rhyme"

God bless!

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