September 27, 2011

The Continuing Discovery of Mine Own Language

Words are everywhere. From birth to death, people have the opportunity to learn them, use them, or if nothing else, simply think about and enjoy them. I still remember where (and sometimes when) I first learned so many English or other words. For example, here is a list of a selection of words and where I learned them for the first time:

  • Acquiesce --- Pirates of the Caribbean; The Curse of the Black Pearl, Captain Barbosa
  • Nautical --- Spongebob Squarepants, the singing pirate
  • Salicylic acid --- Gilligan's Island, the Professor
  • Hygiene --- the Sims computer game
  • Vigilante --- The Dark Knight
  • Delectable --- Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Willy Wonka
  • Pygmy --- Spyro; A Hero's Tail PlayStation game
  • Phosphorescent --- Nancy Drew; The Secret of Shadow Ranch
  • Regurgitate --- Horton Hears A Who (the one with Jim Carrey and Steve Carell)
  • Posthaste and Brobdingnagian --- Sarah Elizabeth at her blog Daughter of the King
  • Heroine (a hero, but a girl instead of a guy) --- Trixie Beldon; The Secret of the Mansion

Funny --- nay, fascinating --- how you can learn new words nearly everywhere you turn. I'm one of those kinds of people who goes to look up one word in the dictionary and ends up spending hours just going through it and taking volumes of notes! I am an utter logophile. A lover of words. And I am so glad!


  1. I heart words! Dictionaries fascinate me. Oh, it's so fun. :D

  2. I most heartily agree, dear Emii. =)


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