September 6, 2011


And here we have it --- the beginning of the end of another wonderful summer. The past few weeks have been filled with some days too busy to hold my head upright and keep my eyes open by the end of them, and other days so free from obligation that I've sat about and completed hardly a thing.

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Just this past Friday, my family went to the Minnesota State Fair. Same as always, we walked about without any certain plan as to where we would go. Sadly, I missed watching the 4-H Arts-In performance, which is one of my favorite parts of the whole fair. We did, however, run into some dear friends and talked for a good while while I pecked at a corn-dog. My sister and I were fortunate enough to happen upon the Webkinz booth, and each purchased dear little toys for ourselves. (It may be considered a childish game, but even now at the age of seventeen, the little girl in me loves visiting this blessed game-site!) Overall, it was a fun day. Oh, and Emily got a picture with Captain Jack Sparrow! (Not Johnny Depp, but close enough.)

{ "Take what you can, give nothing back!" }

I think that was the highlight of her day --- not to mention a great way to end it!
    We heard about an fairly new apple for the first time in the Horticulture building called 'Sweetango'. We visited an orchard just yesterday, but they didn't have it quite yet. Hopefully the other orchard, Pine Tree, the one we usually visit will have it so we can give it a try.

{ photo by me! purevioletphotography }
Today, my older sister, Lilly, turned nineteen! I never could imagine what it would be like when I was younger --- watching as my older sister became an adult. But it's happened.
    The day started out slowly. I cleaned, cuddled with my cat, and ran out the door dragging along my socks and shoes as I chased after my family. We took her, blindfolded and bursting with excitement, to a bowling alley as a surprise birthday gift. She loves bowling.

I lost poorly, but considering I haven't bowled since I was nine, I guess I have a good excuse. Lilly did really well, however, and I'm so happy to see that she had a great time.

Halfway through, we were blessed with the opportunity to babysit my darling little niece, Olivia. Emily best of all of us can get her to smile big, and she has the most beautiful eyes in the world. Here, you can see Lilly is holding her. They're both so precious!

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I heard this song for the first time today. I can't believe how sweet it is. If I ever have a quiet moment, not doing anything --- not writing, not reading, not celebrating --- I'm going to hear it all the way through for the seventh or twentieth time and cry my heart away.
    For a moment, I wasn't even sure I was hearing Adam Young's voice, but every time I listened it became clearer and clearer and clearer that the fine sound belonged to no one else.

 On a sadder note, my family lost our sweet feline, Ned, early this past Sunday morning. I went downstairs and found him, dragging his hind legs behind him. At the emergency vet about an hour later after this alarming discovery, my dad and I learned that our poor Little Buddy had a blood clot, hence the sudden loss of usefulness in his back legs. By then, knowing I couldn't bear to put Ned through anymore misery, I began to resign myself to letting him go. I had plenty of time to cuddle him in my arms and say goodbye. I couldn't watch, but my dad was there holding Ned tenderly until the very end. 

At times it seems silly to cry for a cat. But I realize that God gave us emotions to use them. I know that it's okay to cry for an animal. After all, he was my Little Buddy; no other cat I have ever known had a sweeter disposition, a deeper love for people, or a greater appreciation for any and all kinds of attention. I'm going to miss him a ton!

On a much lighter note, Emily is excited --- nay, completely beside herself --- about starting the fifth season of Psych. I know, it's the sixth one coming out next, but we don't watch live TV; we do the much more fun waiting-for-each-season-to-come-out-so-that-we-can-borrow-it-from-the-library-and-watch-all-of-the-episodes-within-a-week thing. We've seen every other season several times through Netflix, and now seeing new ones is truly... very fun.

Happy late Labor Day, all!

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