September 22, 2011

Eight Days

I fear that something has happened to my blog that I've been afraid of; that I've made all of my writing too official, and not the flowing, personal delight I had ever hoped it to be. I have a habit of writing far too matter-of-fact when I mean to sound intriguing.
    So, in my roundabout way, I mean to say that I shall endeavor to sound less... formal, and more... exciting. I have some books of poetry nearby to put me on a head-start, and a willingness to let the inspiration come and sweep me up in the cloud of blissful writing.
    Also, I have only written 6,940 words to my novel --- that's really quite smaller than it sounds! --- and have not even finished the first chapter. But, oh, inspired as I am presently, this should soon change! I'll make myself a goal, shall I? I shall strive to have at least the first chapter of my novel completed by the first of October. That gives me... eight days, not including today. Time to do the work that is as play....

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