September 24, 2011


Well, that goal certainly spurred me on. I was up until almost 2 AM writing the night before last, and I finished the first chapter of my novel in a cinch. And then last night I was up until past 1 AM uploading photos to Facebook and writing some more. In total, since I posted my goal, I have added 1,826 words. Let's see how many more words I can write by October 1st, eh? Fortunately, if I just get myself to start writing, it comes naturally. (And blogging is a most excellent way to 'prime the well'.)

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I was at a volleyball homecoming game with eight dear friends and two new acquaintances, plus my sister Lilly. It was amazing! They all did an incredible job, and Lilly and I were fortunate enough to photograph and videotape the game for the team.

They won by a landslide!

My dad let me use his camera, a Canon Power Shot, which has zoom-power seemingly a hundred times better than mine own camera. The only downside was that the sport setting (which captures movement better) made the pictures a little 'noisy', or 'grainy'. Ah, well --- it was still good practice.

For once in my life I felt a little more professional, with that nice-looking camera slung around my neck. And the girls are all naturally photogenic, and positively beautiful. It was a fantastic evening. GO LIONS!

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