August 16, 2011

That American Italian Food

As far as I'm concerned, as long as it's heading past the lips, there's no wrong way to eat a piece of pizza. My personal preference is upside-down and backwards. I'm totally serious. It's a great way to make a mess of yourself, but it honestly tastes better because everything with the best flavor --- that is, the toppings --- hit your taste-buds first, creating a burst of pure deliciousness.

The most important part of pizza is the sauce. You get a pizza where the sauce isn't quite suitable, you grimace every time you take a bite. The toppings are second most important. People have found ways to get around putting cheese on it, so I've heard. That's fine for them, but I like my cheese. And lots of it. It's a miracle I'm still this small, what with how much I love cheesy-goodness. And I don't think I've found anyone yet who doesn't like pepperoni, although I've heard whispers that such people do actually exist. That's an opinion I'm willing to forgo. The fact is, there are thousands of ways a person can make and enjoy pizza. 

Which way do you like it?

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