August 15, 2011

Spyro the Dragon

Dear Readers,
First, I would like to say that I have decided not to post the rest of the series I started on the book 'Respectable Sins' by Jerry Bridges. I get the feeling it wasn't having the effect I had hoped for, but perhaps I'll add little quotes in the future as I still plan on reading the rest of the book.

And now, to the point of this post. I grew up playing a most exciting game called 'Spyro the Dragon'. I've grown to just love that little purple guy! My sister and I have been playing the fifth PlayStation game, 'A Hero's Tail', over the past few days, and I am having... wow... so much fun!

Spyro the Dragon
I don't know what it is about this little guy, but I love him. I even started writing a story about him when I was eleven, which --- although the first draft of which was thrown away a year later because I was by then disgusted with it --- has led to an even bigger project over time. (Yep, the novel I'm writing right now was inspired by Spyro, my childhood hero.)
    The story I wrote started out being a dream I had about the 'A Hero's Tail' game, but oh-ho has it changed! I've got my own antagonist, a new protagonist, and an idea for the conflict inspired by a post-it note I wrote down without any clue about what it was going to turn into. So far, I've only told one person in the world --- who is my best friend, Elaine --- about my story plans, but I promised my mom I'd let her read the first chapter when I get it done. (On the roll I am right now, that shouldn't be too far in the future.)
    Sadly, I wanted to have this story completed by the time I was sixteen so that I could have it published before I became an adult, but I had to tear myself away from that old draft because I knew I hadn't found the right storyline yet. And now, I believe I have.
Sparx the Dragonfly, Spyro's Best Friend
    Yikes, it's frustrating to not be able to tell you any details! I better get it written so that I can finally post it to share with you all, right?

Well, back to the actual game. I've won it about three or four times, so I pretty much know it by heart. I've played it so often because the story (and Spyro) are precious childhood memories I love to visit. This time, my younger sister, Emily, got me started on it again because she was in the mood to play it. We'd been listening to the music for the game online, so naturally, we HAD to play. We're calling this one Emily's game, but I'm helping her out a little, and not letting her end the game until we've completed every little detail.

This is my favorite song from the 'A Hero's Tail' game; it's called 'Stormy Beach':

Although I'm going to finish this particular post just like that, I'm probably going to end up posting more than once about Spyro over time because he's just plain awesome, along with his friends.

Blogs are for writing what you're passionate about, right?

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