October 12, 2011

Any-day Gift to my Little Princess...

I made my niece a scarf this week. She saw me knitting a small pillowcase and asked if I would make her something, too. I asked her if she would like her doll (a Snow White Barbie) to have her own scarf, and another to match for my niece herself. The darling little girl agreed excitedly.

And so, I completed the doll's scarf (which was very, very small) within minutes. Just today --- less than an hour ago, in fact --- her own scarf was also finished at last. The tassels have been added, and all of it is rolled-up neatly and tied with a bright blue bow, so that I might present it to her tomorrow. And if I know her at all, she'll open it up, whip the scarf around her neck, and ask me to tie the ribbon in her hair so that she looks like the princess she is in her dreams. ;)

(I shall try to remember to take a picture of her reaction and post it before long....)

God bless you, my dear readers and followers!

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