October 11, 2011

Quest of Words

Words are flowing as pouring falls
as whispering whirlwinds their spirit calls
whipping through past ladies' shawls
On a quest to speak again

{all images via. weheartit.com }

Words are flying on pigeon's wings
deliv'ring life to forgotten things
hope again-to-keep it brings
On a quest to be heard again

Words are waking hidden souls
setting flame to chill grey coals
filling up long-empty holes
On a quest to serve again

Words are walking though the lane
singing out to hush the rain
hoping to dislodge the pain
On a quest to inspire again

Words are striving to believe
that soon their work with be relieved
as strength returns, purpose acheived
On this quest to be loved again

Words have found their resting place
stored in a mind, behind a face
purpose now found, no more a lost case
On that quest to be home again

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