October 18, 2011

Response of my Little Princess

Amazing... I go all that way to give my niece her scarf and realize that I completely forgot my camera. Ah, well. At least I can tell you she was excited --- even more excited than I expected her to be!

Lulu was downstairs watching The Jungle Book when I came over with Lilly. (Lil was having her piano lesson for the week.) Dear little Lulu was just sitting downstairs on the sofa, completely absorbed in the movie, giggling gleefully at every other movement each character made.

I sat down on the sofa beside her. When I had her attention I declared with secrecy, "Lulu, I have something for you..."

Her little face lit up, and her jaw dropped with excitement.

"Do you remember what I was making you?"


"Can you guess?"

Lulu sat there thinking hard when suddenly her eyes sparkled as I drew out the scarf rolled up and tied with a ribbon. "A scarf!" she cried delightedly. I gave it to her, and she studied it for a moment before untying the ribbon and beginning to unroll the gift. I pointed out the tassels to her, which I was grateful to find that she liked very much, then watched her wrap it delicately around her tiny neck.

I joined her as she finished up her movie, which I found had so many things I had loved and forgotten from my seemingly far-away childhood. I am more and more delighted every day, seeing how Lulu is living out the same imagination-oriented life I had when I was a little girl. (Er, well... littler.) She's the same princess/fairy wannabe that I was at her age. Except she's a blonde. ;)

I so love the simple pleasures of life --- God is so good!

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