October 1, 2011

Dream a little dream...

The alarm clock blared and my eyes opened wide. I sat up in an instant and tried to push the 'snooze' button. Satisfied when it stopped beeping at me, I fell back onto my pillow. What a dream! Pirates, mystery, action, a super-hero wanna-be and his minion in a Musketeer hat.... I slept-in an entire hour just to finish it off, leaving the alarm on to stop me from actually falling asleep again. I let the dream unfold further. I edited it and unfolded it again as if it was all brand new. It was intriguing, and I just couldn't get enough of it.

Dreams are unlike anything else. God has used them to show or tell His people important things (concordance link). They can give us pleasure, make us think more deeply. Some people sleep so heavily, they don't actually remember their dreams at all! But they are there. Some of them are so odd. Some of them are so real, you awake and wonder how you ended up in bed all of a sudden.

Dreams are beautiful. They are inspiring. They are magical. They are the happy little things that make us excited to go to bed at night. (Well, sleeping in and of itself is desirable after a long day, I'll admit.) But who has had a dream and doesn't want to have another one, again and again and again? NOT ME!

And don't get me started on daydreams. I'm sure I have more of those than the rest of my family put together! Oh, having the mind of a writer makes every detail, every possibility, every beginning of an idea or thought such a delight!

The tiniest little things --- everything God blesses us with --- is never too small to be treasured, and dreams are no exception. Thanks be to God for dreams!

"My mouth is filled with Your praise
And with Your glory all day long."
-Psalm 71:8

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