November 18, 2011

"Come on, Emily ... Let's Gromit!"

After years of hard work, determination and patience, my sister Emily and I at last completed one of our favorite PlayStation games, "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" this evening! Levels of fun based on the 2005 film, our older brother gave it to us just a few years ago to our immense delight.

At first, we were overwhelmed by the detail and difficulty of the many challenges set before us, but the experience helped improve our mind-to-thumb skills over time. ;)

The main point of the game is to get all of the hungry bunnies safely captured and caged before the annual prize vegetable competition the town is having that autumn. Wallace and Gromit's humane service 'Anti-Pesto' uses Wallace's specially-designed gadgets to help them capture the many adorable pig-nosed rodents.

As seen in the movie, Wallace attempts an experiment which goes very, horribly wrong, creating a monster of a rabbit that goes about in the night wreaking havoc upon the town's prize vegetables. 

This is a tale of mystery, loyalty, sacrifice, immense danger, and a quite proud, bald villain who is obsessed with his gun. The film is full of laughs (although having the unfortunate few and occasional hints of crude humor not at all appreciated in my family), and I find every character easy to love... especially Gromit, who is a true hero.

There are some 'quests' still to be completed in the game Emily and I have shared, and I am determined to give my best to that aim, that is, completing every last task.

Behold, my dear readers... Wallace and Gromit!


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