November 18, 2011

Giving Thanks ... day eighteen

    18. Mysteries of Creation
We look at the way blood travels through the body, and it makes sense. But how do we know it makes sense? Intellect and information are two of the most incredible parts of God's creation which I just have to marvel at. It's a complete mystery how we can observe every part of creation and comprehend it. The animals were given instinct, and we humans were given limited knowledge and understanding for these amazing things. (Much like how our emotions separate us from mere animals, so do intellect and understanding.)

And yet, although we can comprehend all of these things, we know not what the future holds (we can only guess), and we cannot grasp things eternal --- at least, not completely. Everything we know has a time limit; every human, creature, and plant has a life span then eventually dies. Trying to know and understand that we have been created by God, who is eternal --- who never had a beginning, nor ever will have an end.

I could go on for chapters, books, and entire series writing about these things, going into great detail, naming all of the things our awesome God has made and done.

He is the marvel behind and above the mysteries of creation.

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