November 14, 2011

Giving Thanks ... days twelve thru fourteen

    12. Missionaries
I am reading The Hiding Place in school presently, and have an ever-growing love for the dear ten Boom family. They were not exactly 'missionaries', but they certainly had quite a ministry, both within their home as well as the concentration camps and prisons in which Cornelia (Corrie ten Boom) especially spent much time.
    The hardships which God's people go through when spreading the Gospel of Christ are heart-wrenching. I know my own turn enduring persecution for my Savior will be easier when I remember all of the martyrs who have gone before me.
    13. Emotions
When pain fills up a heart, there is no better relief than letting the heavy tears flow. When joy is chained up within, there is nothing more delightful than setting it free and sharing it with others. When anger and frustration arise, there is no greater or more honorable challenge than suppressing it with patience.
    Emotions separate us from mere animals --- animals react, we feel and understand.
    Emotions connect us to each other. Since everyone has emotions, we can relate to each other, comfort each other, encourage each other, and so on.
    Emotions help us to understand our Creator better in our hearts. We read in His Word that 'Jesus wept' (John 11:35), among displays of many other emotions. Emotions make things personal. Emotions are such a blessing!

    14. Prayer
There were many times when people either could not or had no idea how to communicate with God. Until Christ came to the earth, we were separated from God by our own sins against Him. Christ changed that by 'switching accounts' so-to-speak; He took our dept to God upon Himself, and imputed His righteousness to us, so that God would punish our sins through Him... and forgive us completely.
    Now that Jesus' work is accomplished, we can speak freely with God, at any time, anywhere --- for He is never too busy, although He takes care of everything; nor is He too far away, for we know that He is omnipresent.
    He loves to hear our requests, to hear us repent of our sins and cry out to Him for help. And I love seeing Him answer my Christian family's prayers every day. We have an awesome God.

One thing that I am thankful for, just for today?
A clear blue sky to fill up the earth with golden sunlight.
Although the sun has already passed the vast horizon,
I'll remember it's smile as I lay to rest tonight.

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