November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks ... day twenty,two

    22. Life Itself
I've definitely covered the essentials of this over the past twenty-one Thanksgiving posts, but how often are we truly thankful for life? The fact that God gives us breath at all is a marvelous demonstration of His incredible mercy!
    Everyone has days when they are tempted to want a different life. But notice; even the people who have the life you find ideal are also discontent. Don't think anything but what God has giving you would or could ever be "better". He knows better than we do, that's why He gave us the life we have, and not somebody else's life.
    I'm making it a goal to thank the Lord every day for the life He gave me because I know that regardless of the struggles that tempt me to be discontent, He has a plan for the best. And besides, it's much better to enjoy the good times when they come, and to remember them when they depart to make room for trials.

Amazing... we're only two days away from Thanksgiving already. This series has been excellent practice for being consistent in my writing --- although I have missed a few days and needed to catch up a little --- and I hope that the things I've shared have inspired you in some way. =)

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